Lady Grey is an independent jewelry company based in New York. We focus on small scale, localized production, and handcraft our jewelry right here in our Brooklyn studio. Designers Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader work directly on each and every piece - from idea development and design to soldering, assembly, production, and shipping. We outsource only essential parts of our production to local, family-owned and operated businesses that provide fair wages and healthy working conditions to their employees. We value local production because it helps support our community while also reducing waste and resources.

We strive for minimal use of materials to eliminate as much excess waste as possible, and source supplies and raw materials from vetted, responsible partners and manufacturers. We are committed to ensuring that our supply chain is free of any metal which was gathered for the support or benefit of armed conflict groups or involving abuses of human rights anywhere in the world, such as those occurring currently in Ukraine, and can state that our suppliers do not presently, and will not source any material originating from Russia or any Russian sources. Whenever possible, we use upcycled materials and recycled metals.  We also make items to order whenever possible to avoid over-production. 

We take our platform and social responsibility very seriously, and continue to support, and raise both money and awareness for causes and organizations that reflect our core values. We invite you to read more about our charitable partnerships here.