There's No Right Way to Be a Lady

We love everything about this Teen Vogue video, There is no right or wrong way to be a lady. Thank you for including our Four Finger Lattice Ring and Drop Hoops in Gold

Via Teen Vogue: Over the last year or so, we've witnessed some significant strides when it comes to shattering the gender norms we've come to know all too well. Though amidst the triumphs — like the rise of the power suit on the red carpet, or gender-fluid clothing lines — there are still myriad moments that dial us back to old times, when pants were seen as "menswear only" and women were reduced to dressing "ladylike" (whatever that even means). We were reminded of all this just last week, when sexist posters surfaced at a high school in Jacksonville, Florida, prompting students to dress like "good girls" at prom, and casting shame upon dresses that showed off even the slightest bit of skin.

The bottom line is: Women have been policed for what they wear and how they behave in public since the beginning of modern society. But if we're going to continue to smash the patriarchy in 2017, then it's up to us "ladies" to not comply with the rules. With this in mind, check out our short tongue-in-cheek video, directed by Catherine Orchard and starring the inimitable Stav Strashko, who flawlessly shows that there's simply no right or wrong way to be a lady in this world.

Directed by Catherine Orchard.

Styled by Alison Lewis.